You have arrived at this page because your Exetel connection has been blocked because significant virus activity from your Exetel IP address has been detected or reported to us.

Following the options below is now the ONLY way you can resolve the matter. The following Q&A will help you navigate through this issue.

Q.  How do you know my computer has a virus, and so what if it does? A.  Certain types of computer viri have unique and easily identifiable signatures that can be readily detected by network management systems. Typically, the virus will attempt to open many hundreds of thousands of connections to other computers to damage them or spread the virus.

This is the activity we have detected, or has been reported, on your computer.

Just as it is irresponsible to let someone with a contagious disease infect other people, so too should a computer with a potentially harmful virus be isolated from the Internet.
Q.  What if I am absolutely sure my computer does not have a virus? A.  Maybe it does. Maybe it is a new virus your anti-virus software can't detect, or your anti-virus software is out of date.

Exetel has no interest in blocking customers for no reason, and it costs us time and resources to deal with these incidents.
Q.  What right does Exetel have to block my access? A.  It is part of the Acceptable Use Policy on the Terms and Conditions to which said you read and agreed when you ordered your Exetel service.
Q.  Can you show me the evidence on which your action was based? A.  We can retrieve and send the logs to you if you want but we will have to charge you an administration fee of $25.
Q.  Can I get compensation for the time my account has been blocked? A.  No.
Q.  Why block my access? Why not just call me to let me know? A.  Exetel is not a call centre and we don't offer any service other than to provide you with the product you have ordered. Now we have your attention, you know exactly what the situation is and can use the options below to resolve the issue. When you think about it, it is much faster and more effective than a phone call in any event.
Q.  Who can I speak to at Exetel about this? A.  No one. The options below provide you with all the means available to resolve this issue.
Q.  How do I remove the virus? A.   You will need to scan your computer with the an up-to-date anti-virus program. By 'up-to-date' we mean one that has all the latest virus profiles loaded, that will be able to detect the virus on your computer.

You may already have some anti-virus software, but you may not be aware that it needs to be continually updated with the latest virus information to be effective.

Most anti-virus software can by updated by connecting to the internet and selecting the 'Update' or 'Update Profiles' option in the anti-virus program itself.

If you don't have an anti-virus program, you can choose from many available for free download on the Internet, or go to a computer store and buy a commercial package.

Once you have an anti-virus program installed, and it is fully up to date, you should disconnect your computer from the Internet and run a 'Full Virus Scan'. For most computers this will take several hours, but will detect any and all viri on your computer. You should follow the recommendations of the anti-virus software on what to do from that point.

In some cases your computer may be so badly affected but the virus that the anti-virus software can't remove or fix the problem. In that case, unfortunately, the only real recourse is to back up your important data and reformat your computer hard drive. If you have to do that, make sure that the FIRST program you install on your newly formatted system is some anti-virus software.
Q.  How do I make sure it doesn't happen again? A. The best way is to make sure your anti-virus software is ALWAYS up to date and ALWAYS running. Most anti-virus programs have an option that you can set to automatically update itself via the Internet. You should set this option to 'daily' if you can. Alternatively, make sure that the first thing you do each day when accessing the internet is to update your anti-virus program.


Your Options are:


Please send the logs that detected the virus to me and debit my account the $25 administration fee.
Send the notices to this email address:


Please unblock my ADSL account. I have taken or will take immediate action to identify and remove the virus.


Ignore it. This block will stay in place and you will continue to be liable for and billed for all costs.


Please select one of the above options, then enter your ADSL line number below and click "Submit"

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