You have been sent here because a spam block is in effect for your account preventing you being connected to the internet and therefore not allowing you to send any email. The spam block has been put in place because your computer is endangering the email services of over 100,000 Exetel email users. Your service will be unblocked as soon as possible after you remove the virus from your computer that is generating the spam.

Exetel is required under the Spam Act 2003 to take action and prevent spam. This is explained in the Exetel AUP which you agreed to when you purchased your service from Exetel. On 16 July 2006 under the Spam Act (2003), an ISP Industry Code of Practice for Spam became enforceable, which can involve fines for an ISP that does not take action according the Code of Practice.

Please read the rest of this page because it will tell you why the block was put in place and what you can do about it.

YOU CAN NOT CALL EXETEL TO ASSIST YOU WITH THIS PROCESS. The spam block and removal are automatic based on the action you choose to take at the bottom of this page. The spam block can not be removed manually in any time less than the automatic process would otherwise take.

Q.  What is the reason I have been blocked for spam? A.  Exetel detects spam using several methods.  In most cases we receive a complaint notice from another ISP that spam has been sent from a particular Exetel IP address.  In those cases, the offending email along with the email headers are sent, and we can determine with 100% certainty that spam was sent from a particular IP Address/ADSL Account - yours in this case.

Another reason is that we detect bulk email being sent through the SMTP server that has caused the server performance to degrade.  Even if your bulk email is 'legitimate', you should not be using that server to send it.

Q.  I am sure I wasn't sending spam, so why was I blocked? A.  Just as you are sure you weren't, we are sure you were, and we have a lot of experience determining that sort of thing.  In most cases spam originates from computers that have been exploited by a 'back door' virus, or as a result of some email marketing scam.  The end user can be completely unaware of what is happening on their computer, or think that is completely legitimate.  But it doesn't matter in any event - the responsibility Exetel has is to all its customers and to other Internet users to ensure all reasonable measures are taken to stop spam.
Q.  What if my business is damaged and I lose money as a result of being blocked? A.  You have breached the AUP you agreed to in applying for the Exetel ADSL service - this is the consequence of your breach of the AUP.
Q.  Not my business then, but my Job offer/assignment/exam/whatever and my life has been ruined by being blocked.  How will I be compensated? A.  You have breached the AUP you agreed to in applying for the Exetel service and the consequences of that breach were agreed by you.
Q.  Can I see the evidence of why I was blocked for spam? A.  You would assume that Exetel gains no commercial advantage from annoying any of its customers and therefore would not take this action unless it was very sure that your computer is sending spam.

If, after you have resolved the current issue (which will show you that your computer did indeed have a virus), you want Exetel to take the time to produce a report on what actually occurred we will do so but we will charge you for the time it takes to prepare such a report.
Q.  Why are the measures for stopping spam so draconian?  A.  In any one day, Exetel receives eight to twelve complaints from other ISP's about spam coming from Exetel customers.  At the same time, Exetel customers send hundreds of complaints a day about spam from other ISP's.  It takes a lot of time and is very expensive to deal with.  It is a cost every customer ultimately has to pay for.  But the fact is, most people take precautions in the first place so everyone has to pay for the few that don't.

All it takes to stop spam is a few sensible, common sense precautions such as an up to date anti-virus scanner and not opening emails with attachments where you don't know the sender.

More seriously, if Exetel takes no action on received spam complaints, other ISP's may block all email from Exetel.  This means every Exetel customer is adversely affected by the carelessness of a few.

Q.  Do Exetel inform customers of this policy? A. Yes.  The Exetel AUP and FAQ are explicit about spam and the actions Exetel will take.  You agreed to the AUP when you applied for the Exetel service.  The FAQ is available on the Exetel web site and discussed in the Exetel forum.
Q.  How long will I be blocked for? A. You will be blocked for a minimum of three hours and until you complete the check list below. Once you have agreed spam is eliminated from your computer and no more will be sent, you service will be unblocked within the next 2-3 hours.
Q.  Do I get a discount/refund/credit for the time I am blocked? A.  No.  Exetel used to charge customers for the cost to Exetel to attend to spam cases.  This automated method removes the need to do that, but the spam you have sent has already caused inconvenience to others.
Q.  What should I do now? A. Please read the steps below on how to resolve this issue.


How to get your account Unblocked


1. Use the time you are blocked to scan your computer with some up to date anti virus software


2. Check your computer and make sure it won't send spam again when your account is unblocked. If you are not sure how to do that, you may need a professional computer support person to help you. Below are a couple of helpful tools that are free to use:


Once you are certain that your computer will no longer send SPAM enter your details below and your service will be unblocked.


3.  Provide Your ADSL Telephone line number:

Service Number:


4.  Agree to the following:

I certify that to the best of my knowledge, the cause of the spam has been removed and spam will no longer be sent from my Exetel account.

I am unable to yet certify/agree that spam will not be sent from my Exetel account