Please find that this notice is regarding your payment method, for your ADSL service with Exetel.

At the moment, the credit card number we hold is about to expire at the end of this month September. The next monthly billing date for this service is the 1st of October.

You may update your banking details by logging into the Secure Members Facility located at

Once you have logged into the Secure Members Area, click on 'View Financial Data' then click on 'Change Payment Details'. You then select your desired option, being Credit Card or Direct Debit, complete the necessary fields, then click on the 'Change' button at the bottom.

Information on how to login to the Secure Members Area is located at

If you fail to update your details in time for the next billing run, Exetel will attempt to debit your nominated account again. If this fails then you account will be suspended due to non payment. Other fees and charges may also apply.

Once you have read the above and agree that you need to update your payment details before the next billing run to avoid any suspensions and extra charges please click the "I Agree" button below and you will connect to your ADSL service.