You have arrived at this page because your Exetel connection has been blocked due to Exetel receiving a notice of copyright infringement specifying your IP address.

Following the options below is now the ONLY way you can resolve the matter. The following Q&A will help you navigate through this issue.

Q.  Why is Exetel accusing me of this? A.  Exetel is not accusing you of anything. We have received a formal notice from the agents of the copyright material you are alleged to have downloaded stating that unauthorized downloads of copyright material has taken place from your Exetel IP address.
Q.  I have not downloaded anything, or, I have taken care of the issue. Can you unblock me immediately? A.  Yes. Please see your options at the end of this Q&A.
Q.  What right does Exetel have to block my access? A.  It is part of the Acceptable Use Policy on the Terms and Conditions to which said you read and agreed when you ordered your Exetel service.
Q.  Can you show me the Infringement Notices on which your action was based? A.  Yes. We have already sent them to you. We can send them again if you want but we will have to charge you an administration fee of $25.
Q.  Can I get compensation for the time my account has been blocked? A.  No.
Q.  Why block my access? Why not just call me to let me know? A.  Exetel is not your legal adviser and we don't offer any service other than to provide you with the product you have ordered.
Q.  Who can I speak to at Exetel about this? A.  No one. The options below provide you with all the means available to resolve this issue.


Your Options are:

Please send the Infringement notices to me and debit my account the $25 administration fee.
Send the notices to this email address:

Please unblock my ADSL account. I have not infringed any copyright or, if I have, I have removed any infringing material from my possession.
My Statement:


Ignore it. This block will stay in place and you will continue to be liable for and billed for all costs.



Please select one of the above options, then enter your ADSL line number below and click "Submit"

Service Number: